Here at The Barrel Thief we love to share wines that we're passionate about. We wanted to create a program that helps to give our customers the most interactive and education-driven wine club possible. And it's finally here!
We've created a two-tier club, where the wines are specifically curated each month to fit a regional or varietal or other interesting theme. The tiers are three bottles per month ($50 + tax) or six bottles per month ($100 + tax). Both options include all unique bottles.
Our goal is to help expand your mind and palate when it comes to wine, and help break you out of your routine. Each month, join us as we explore new and unique grapes or featured regions. We'll discuss the subtle nuances between the wines, analyze influence of terrior, and just generally nerd out on all sorts of fun wine facts. Detailed tasting notes will accompany your wine every month to help optimize your drinking experience. Happy tasting!