We're happy to accommodate your group, whether small or large! For reservations for groups of 10 or fewer, please call us here at The Barrel Thief at 206-402-5492 or write to

For groups of 10+, please write to, and let us know the special occasion, proposed number of guests, name and contact information
For events or large groups, we can prepare food and drink in advance (please see our catering menu), or you can simply order from our regular menu.
Available for reservation are:
Our square tables fit up to 4 guests, and can accommodate larger groups if we put a couple together. Our booths fit 4 to 6. We also have cocktail tables for couples or groups of 3.
This space is semi-private, and has a wall of windows for visual access to the outdoors. It is not physically—or acoustically—separate from the rest of our space. It contains a 20' bench with three small tables, and a long standing counter for drinks & snacks. This space is great for groups that would like the ability to move around & mingle, as there is partial seating & partial standing area. This room is best for groups of roughly 20 people. Please inquire about availability.

There's no charge for reserving the Barrel Room, although during busy times, there is a purchase minimum & deposit.
Our main dining area accommodates groups up to 45 (with the rest of the space remaining open to the public). We can create various configurations of tables and booths to meet your needs, and can include The Barrel Room.
The dining area is free to reserve with a minimum food & drink purchase, depending on the size of your group...please write to to inquire.
Large parties (up to 80+ people) can reserve our entire space during non-peak times. There are purchase minimums and/or rental fees associated with full-space rentals. Please inquire for details.
We can provide food and drink from our menu, plus special features for larger groups, including food/dessert platters, and dedicated wine & beer service. We'll happily accommodate large birthday parties and other events with specific needs, so please contact us with your vision! You may also review our catering menu.