September 2016 Tour Photos
Here are some photos from our most recent tour, last September. For more information on Whisky Geek Tours, please see the main tour page.

we didn't always stay in old mansions, but this one was amazing

dinner & drinks at the Bon Accord

incredibly scenic distilleries

the famous River Spey

the bay of Campbeltown

the ferry to Islay

amazing countryside

beautiful stills

following the barley from hopper to bottle

peering into the mash tun

appreciating the working antiques

tasting the whisky at every step

learning, learning, learning...

intimate tastings with distillery staff

lots of time spent in amazing warehouses

evaluating casks

raking the malting barley

adding peat to the fire

filling barrels

hand-filling casks
This was an amazing tour, and even those of us who knew a bit about Scotch were crammed full of new knowledge (and whisky), every day! The distilleries were incredible, and so were the cities, the countryside, the ocean, and the company. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you'll want to do more than once!