We're planning a major kitchen upgrade in 2018, and we've already begun the preparation work! The new kitchen will be in the back room of The Barrel Thief, and will include a gas range, grill, and fryer, plus additional prep space and refrigeration. Our new menu will still be small plates, but will include more diverse and substantive food than we've been able to prepare to date. Think steak, burgers, crêpes, and more!
The space freed up behind our bar by moving food prep and dishwashing into the back will allow us to have the back bar focus entirely on whiskey, and we'll be adding new cocktail prep space and a rolling ladder for the wall of whiskey.
We estimate this project to cost $150,000, and we're raising the funds by offering interest-bearing promissory notes to friends and customers. The notes bear 6.5% annual interest over a term of five years, with a minimum investment of $10,000.
If you're interested in investing in our Kitchen Project, please contact The Barrel Thief's owner, Christopher Gronbeck, at 206-372-4747 or We're hoping to secure the remaining funding by late January, and to complete the project in spring / summer 2018. You can see our fundraising progress, above...we're almost there, with the project now almost 90% funded!
Kitchen Project investors not only get 6.5% interest on their investment (about $1,950 in interest over the five-year term, for a $10,000 note), but will be invited to an exclusive new kitchen grand opening event for Barrel Thief staff, family, and investors. You won't want to miss that party!