The Barrel Thief is pleased to partner with our favorite independent whisky bottler, Single Cask Nation, to offer an intimate VIP tour of single-malt Scotch distilleries.
Each tour consists of a very small group of about six whisky enthusiasts, and is comprehensive: it includes everything from the time you land to the time you get on the plane to go home (except for any additional days you wish to spend in Scotland, or any whisky you want to buy for personal consumption while you're on tour). All accommodations, all meals, all driving and ferries, and all of the exclusive distillery tours are part of the package.
Although every tour is different (please see photos from our 2016 Tour), some are specific and focus on a single region, like Islay, and some include a broader itinerary, such as the following:
  • Glasgow, to start and end the tour
  • Speyside, visiting various distilleries & a world-famous whisky bar
  • Islay, visiting almost all of the active distilleries on the island
  • Campbeltown, home of Springbank Distillery
  • Isle of Arran, home of Arran Distillery
These aren't typical, glossy, crowded distillery tours; they're intimate, private tours arranged by your hosts, and provide an unparalleled level of access. If you on your own, you'll get to tour tasting rooms, and maybe see some stills, but these tours include deep access to distilleries and long conversations with distillery staff.

tasting Kilchoman Distillery Machir Bay at...Machir Bay
The tours cost $4,000 per person, all inclusive, with a 5% discount for Single Cask Nation members.

pre-tour gathering at the Bon Accord, Glasgow
The next Whisky Geek Tour will be in Spring 2018 (possibly in May), and is limited to six guests. It will have an Islay focus, and we're currently planning on also visiting Campbeltown and the Isle of Arran. Jump on this opportunity! Early registrants will have input into the exact dates and itinerary.
Your Hosts
Jason Johnstone-Yellin is a co-founder of Single Cask Nation, and was born and raised in Scotland. Having played a leading role in numerous whisky societies over the last fifteen years, leading whisky tours allows Jason the opportunity to return home in order to introduce new friends to the wonders of Scotland's national spirit. It will be his pleasure showing you around his home country, sharing Scotland's spirit with you.
Christopher Gronbeck is owner of The Barrel Thief Wine & Whiskey Bar, and first visited Scotland—his grandfather's ancestral home—when he was two years old. He appreciates the opportunity to return to Scotland now that he's much more appreciative of the wonders of single-malt whisky (and not wearing diapers).
Carpe Whisky!
For more information on Whisky Geek Tours, or to book a reservation, please contact Christopher at or 206-372-4747.
You can also check out photos from our 2016 Tour!